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David Thomson

Before becoming a founder of Prescient, David Thomson held Board level roles for over 20 years.

Combining both strategic and operational expertise, David brings with him a wealth of experience in heading up successful organizations and strategies. He is a man of many talents holding a BSc in Finance and being a qualified accountant… he also happens to make a great cup of tea when it’s his round in the office!

This winning combination of versatility and business acumen has enabled David to successfully oversee large-scale, international projects, including working on several, multi-million-pound, M&A activities. With this comes the experience of how to integrate businesses and processes… and judging by the grey hairs, he’s also witnessed and learned how not to do this! David really has earned his stripes; he understands the frustrations and pain points of businesses and most importantly, knows how to navigate through them. David firmly believes that the most successful organizations are those which put people at the centre of their strategies and then lead them to help unlock and empower potential.

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Email: david@prescientbusiness.com

Phone: +44 121 517 0258

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