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Kate Marsh

Kate is our resident HR expert.

She has a diverse range of experience spanning small start-ups, established SME’s and large, multi-national organizations including logistics and retail. Kate has a love for travel and shopping, she has suited to these roles well! Forward-thinking and pragmatic, Kate Marsh is a CIPD qualified with extensive hands-on experience of leading HR strategies and initiatives, with a self-confessed soft spot for implementing culture change programs.

It’s with Kate’s passion for being creative and applying her own unique sense of fun and infectious energy into her work, that she is known in our team, and with her clients, as the Chief Happiness Officer. She also happens to be the one constantly pushing us all out of our comfort zones to the place where the magic happens.  Just like in this photo when she took us to the top of a mountain for some fresh air and a fresh look at business.

Contact Kate

Email: kate@prescientbusiness.com

Phone: + 44 021 517 0258

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