Who We Work With

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across all industries, sectors and geographies, who want to do things differently – whether this be achieving ambitious growth and expansion plans or improving deteriorating financial performance. What success looks like and how this is measured varies from business to business.

We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we bespoke our services to suit our clients needs and tailor-make a solution that works for them.

How we work with you

Regardless of the size or complexity, we take a fresh look at our client’s organisation, their vision and their people.

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with clients to ask the right questions, take the time to learn about their aspirations and truly understand their business.  Building upon our client’s own knowledge, we bring our insight and analysis to the business to help them think and act differently – defining, executing and evaluating highly effective business strategies and processes that achieve shared visions and have a self-sustainable outcome. We can only change mindsets and behaviours by putting their people, and their customers, at the heart of their business.

It really is all about people. That’s why, if you embark on a project with Prescient, not only can you expect a professional service, we make it personal and personable throughout your whole experience with us. Our Partner-led approach combines cross-discipline expertise and depth of experience with real engagement from start to finish. We want to complete a project having made such a positive and sustainable impact that you don’t need to call us back in, yet from your experience of working with us, you’ll want to stay so that we can look at the “where next?” together.

What we offer

Many organisations today share common challenges which are keeping business leaders awake at night.

In-effective boards and poor judgments, difficulty recruiting and retaining talent in a competitive landscape, a need for improved collaboration and communication, greater innovation and technologies and not forgetting, productivity, performance and financial pressures. We’ve seen these issues in businesses that we’ve previously worked in, as well as the wide range of companies and clients that we’re now partnering with in different sectors and geographies.

Where existing strategies and processes are no longer delivering results, we can offer fresh ideas and approaches that work. Sometimes this may be creative and positively disruptive, and at other times, it may be going back to basics and keeping things simple yet effective. Either way, with our mix of previous experience, insight and passion for what we do, we provide inspiring, practical and effective solutions that create impact.

Our team can collaborate with you in the following ways:

  • Interim management
  • Consultancy
  • Project /Programme Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Outsourced Services & Support
  • In-house Events & Workshops
  • External Training Sessions


The who

We work with individuals and teams to help people think and act differently – empowering them to make better decisions that develop and drive the organisation to where they want to be.



The why

We start by asking the right questions – why are you running the business and what do you wish to achieve? We encourage people to take their heads out of the detail and work ‘on the business’, rather than work ‘in the business’.



The how

We help businesses to be more efficient, effective and profitable by providing the right tools, templates and processes and supporting this organisational change with learning and development.


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