People management can be a challenge within any organisation.

As well as changing business environments, complex and continually evolving employment law can be difficult to keep up-to-date and compliant with. It can also be incredibly time consuming and expensive if you get it wrong.

Regardless of whether you’re taking the plunge and growing your own business venture, an established SME without a HR specialist, or a larger organisation whose HR department are fully stretched and need additional support – whatever the challenge – we have the expertise to help in a wide range of people areas.

To give you a flavour for what we can do, here are some recent projects that we have worked on:
  • Creating people strategies to attract, motivate, recognise, reward and retain talent
  • HR health check / audit to ensure compliance with employment legislation
  • Review and creation of employee handbook, policies and procedures
  • Supporting managers to effectively and confidently manage employee relations issues (absence, disciplinary, grievance etc.)
  • Partnering senior leaders to review business functions, make recommendations for change and deliver significant restructuring
  • Organisational design – making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, including talent and succession planning activities
  • Design of delivery of effective communication and teamwork workshops
  • Design and implementation of engagement surveys to create great employee experiences and enhance engagement
  • Launching a fresh approach to wellbeing programmes to help achieve a healthier and happier workforce
  • Providing regular HR reviews, employment law updates, latest trends, hot topics and best practice in the world of people management

Create the right culture and the rest will follow

Workplace culture is changing. People now have very different expectations from their job than previous generations and won’t hesitate in leaving company if it doesn’t meet their needs.

We know that the best results come when you overhaul the outdated, rigid corporate culture and create an environment where people take pride in doing their best because they are empowered and inspired to think and act with their own initiative. A place where people feel they have fulfilling employment in a successful company.

We work with our clients to look at their workplace culture and current practices and help them to view things a little bit differently. We understand the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work so our specialist Partner will provide bespoke consultancy to help embed forward-thinking initiatives that improves employee experience and attracts great talent as the business progresses.


The how

We help businesses to be more efficient, effective and profitable by providing the right tools, templates and processes and supporting this organisational change with learning and development.



The why

We start by asking the right questions – why are you running the business and what do you wish to achieve? We encourage people to take their heads out of the detail and work ‘on the business’, rather than work ‘in the business’.