We start by asking the right questions – why are you running the business and what do you wish to achieve? We encourage people to take their heads out of the detail and work ‘on the business’, rather than work ‘in the business’.

Organisations across all sectors are having to deal with and lead through disruption from many directions, forcing change to business and operating models. With increasing globalisation and development in emerging markets, businesses need to transform and take more agile and innovative approaches to remain competitive, productive and profitable.

A major change may require additional financing, a merger or acquisition or even the sale of a business – we can help with all of these options, whilst ensuring the strategy meets the aspirations and ambitions of the stakeholders. We create evidence-based strategies that facilitate change – making it easy for you manage and supporting you, and everyone within the organisation, at every step.

People really are at the heart of each of our strategies as they will experience their own disruption through change – whether that’s learning new skills, using new technology and connectivity or working in more virtual and diverse teams. We help people to adapt to new ways of working, by bringing together and balancing the three key elements of people, processes and strategy.

Our areas of expertise can help you develop and deliver strategies in the following areas:

  • Business Model and Strategic Positioning
  • International Trade – helping foreign companies enter the UK market or UK companies expanding into international markets
  • Board Evaluation and Effectiveness Reviews
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • Human Resource Planning and Management
  • Corporate Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • GDPR
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Sales and Pricing
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Vision, Mission and Values Development
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Exit Planning


The who

We work with individuals and teams to help people think and act differently – empowering them to make better decisions that develop and drive the organisation to where they want to be.



The how

We help businesses to be more efficient, effective and profitable by providing the right tools, templates and processes and supporting this organisational change with learning and development.