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Borrowers Investment Fit - Prescient Business Consulting


  • This module ensures that the borrower is presenting the information the lender needs to see, in the right format
  • Validation of amount to be borrowed and Use of Proceeds
  • Assessment of borrower’s vision, strategy and structure
  • Assessment of business model including its ability to repay a loan
  • Stress test and risk assessment
  • Creation and challenge of borrower’s pitch deck, giving the borrower the best chance of success
  • Identification of any gaps or weakness in the management team to be able to deliver their business plan
  • Identification of Lender’s formats and key drivers, and shaping pitch deck to fit


  • Building on the work done in Pre-Deal review
  • Onsite review of borrower’s existing strategic plans, business model, structure
  • Workshops to sharpen business plan
  • Rehearsals and challenges to get ‘pitch deck’ in shape
  • Observational assessment of the business and its people
  • Desk-top research into borrower’s market and offering


  • Business plan is presented to a highly professional standard, in line with the lender’s expectations
  • Borrowers’ plans are robust and high quality
  • Topics important to the Lender are anticipated and addressed within the pitch deck
  • Supporting data is available, forming the basis of the data room for the Due Diligence stage
  • We focus on the finance-raising; the borrower focuses on running their business