Birmingham management consultancy, Prescient, is very pleased to announce that it has started working with Specialist Capital, a London-based provider of finance to the UK and international businesses. This partnership gives Prescient a vital addition to its already impressive service offering.

Prescient’s David Thomson said “At Prescient, we specialize in helping businesses achieve their growth potential by thinking differently and acting differently. The changes businesses have to make very often require additional financing to be executed successfully, and it’s not always possible to get this from the main high street lenders. Our partnership with David Jackson, at Specialist Capital, gives us the ability to offer a new type of solution: a completely funded change program, from assessment, program creation, sourcing of funding, through to execution and successful growth.

Our clients are often businesses that are too complex for mainstream lenders in terms of legal structure or geographical footprint, and Specialist Capital focuses on finding the best funding solutions for these ‘harder to fund’ businesses.”

David Jackson, of Specialist Capital, commented: “We are delighted to have formed this partnership with Prescient Business Consulting. It is often the case that businesses need help even to get through the funding process itself, mainly due to the fact that the management team lacks experience in this particular area. Prescient are experts in this field and can then work with the business post-funding to ensure the whole deal gives a successful outcome for both borrower and lender.”

Prescient and Specialist Capital have recently completed a funding deal after Prescient had worked with the client to turn it from loss to profit, overcoming a series of complex challenges. This made the funding a particularly difficult exercise, and Specialist Capital’s expertise and international finance network, combining with Prescient’s unique skillset and approach, culminated in a successful outcome. The deal is still covered by an NDA, but Prescient and Specialist Capital hope to make the complete case study available in due course. It really is an amazing example of what can be achieved by the combination of a positively disruptive management consultancy and creative funding solutions provider.

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