Employee wellbeing is an increasingly important strategic priority for the modern employer. It is widely recognised that investing in your team’s well-being leads to a more positive and productive environment for everyone. Yet across the 47,000 businesses in the West Midlands region alone, £1.7 billion is lost each year due to poor workplace wellbeing and its impact on productivity*. A staggering 56% of professionals also believe their employer does not do enough to support employee health and wellbeing.

Here at Prescient, we are committed to improving workplace wellbeing and regularly support our clients to develop and deliver culture change programmes that help to make their teams healthier and happier. Our Partners are also continuously encouraging their own team to step out of their comfort zones, be courageous and embrace new opportunities and experiences.

That’s why, we have joined forces with Kaido and Sport Birmingham to take part in the Birmingham Workplace Wellbeing Challenge, aimed at making the West Midlands the healthiest place to live and work.

The 6-week challenge is more than just a steps challenge – it’s an inclusive, holistic, multi-faceted initiative to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing, regardless of age or health status. It also encourages a positive team spirit in the workplace, as well as within the local business community, by competing in a fun and engaging way with other organisations. Points really do mean prizes as rewards are given for those who make small but manageable changes to their lifestyles throughout the programme in which daily tasks and challenges are assigned to each participant, tailored their own goals and motivations.

In addition to this, at the end of the programme, Prescient will be awarded an Investors in Wellbeing certificate, underpinning our core values of putting people at the heart of our business.

The team are all geared up and ready to go when the challenge commences on Monday 10th June 2019 with personal goals set to improve general fitness and calm the mind.


Kate – Partner HR & Culture Change

*Source: Mental Health in the West Midlands Combined Authority.


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